Laughton Electronics This is the real iron. Each channel of these linear power amps is rated at 1800 watts RMS continuous into 2 ohms. But of course the limitations of the AC mains supply typically don't permit continuous full-power operation.

Judging from the schematics, the Electo Voice CPS4 is the same as the Dynacord L2400.

This is vintage gear, and someday I'll write about giving them the TLC they required. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the photos of these bad boys.

front view of power amps

top view of power amp (cover removed)
The transformers occupy the full height of the enclosure but the channel 1 and channel 2 power supply boards are stacked one above the other. The rear section of the enclosure is stacked three high - the main/preamp/driver PCB and a pair of  identical output-stage boards.

bottom view of E-V CPS4 amp
24 output transistors per channel. And forced-air cooling, needless to say.
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