COMMERCIAL & MANUFACTURING: Problem-solving in a production environment

Laughton Electronics

Kugler Safety Interlock
a valuable machine is upgraded to meet modern safety standards

Electrical fire
a latent defect turns a minor malfunction into a major spectacle

The Microchek Press
wrangling with specialized units from Heath Custom Press

The FM2
a custom electronic instrument

The Wescode Typesetter
a mixed-tech monstrosity

Diablo Daisywheels
a devilish design indeed

The Typesetter that's part TV set
the Linotron 303

Between a rock and a hard place
the ReelTech breakdown

A Camera The Size Of A Refrigerator
the A-M 805

The Case of the IBM 1130
an unusual repair, to say the least

Automated Conveyor System
machine control via PLC

Boxes on demand
machine control via CMOS logic

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